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Hey y'all, the 2-3 people who've been watching my activities within the internet or have cared to.  I apologize for just being unattentive lately.  I have "technically" been active, just not exactly with making anything art-related.  And it's been due to some more soul searching, I mean who doesn't do that sort of thing these days.  It's been over a month-in-a-half since my spring semester at my art college ended and for an artist, I haven't been doing a lot of drawing since after my semester.  I've done sketches here and there,  but nothing in the form of an elaborate, time-consuming project.  I've wondered why since college or maybe even before college, I haven't felt as passionate as I did 5 years ago in July 2006, when I invited my friends over to my house and we were watching the Naruto Toonami marathon to promote Toonami Jetstream while eating pizza and were really motivated to do designs for our stories.  I've had a few bursts of passions here and there like when I was attempting to make a comic for one of my friend's stories during the week-long Avatar Nickelodeon finale in mid-July 2008.  But otherwise, I've felt constantly prevented from just pursuing EXACTLY what I wanted pursue all because I had to prioritize what everyone else wanted me to prioritize.

I had to prioritize so many things that people wanted out of me that while I did try to care, I ultimately didn't want to care.  So one night, I thought about all of this and then thought about those events I mentioned earlier and remembered how passionate I felt about those things and now much I missed that.  It made me realize that for once in my life, I had to just be bold and not GIVE a crap about what everyone else wanted out of me for a change and figure out one step at a time, EXACTLY what are all of the things I want to do.  It's not what my parents or anyone else may think is the best mentality for me who has to plan ahead.  But I've tried everything else people around me wanted or felt was best for me without me being able to understand why I would personally care.  So from this point on, I'm going to try to do things exactly that gives me a sense of motivation of focus because other I'm going to spend my days being some non-passionate blob just tiresomely going through the motions.  And I don't want that.

So what will be my plan?  Well I'm basically going to try to do a comeback this week where everyday of this week I'll try to submit at LEAST 1 artwork a day and make a few journal entires in between and also be a "bit" more active in terms of communicating with the deviant art... community.  That's my goal.  So by later tonight, I should be submitting the first set of drawings.  I hope you'll appreciate them.
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